New city added to the price

According to the information-analytical center “Relight-Invest”, from the beginning of the year (January 2011) the cost of new buildings in the ruble rose by 9.0%, the dollar by 1.7%. Average price per square meter is calculated without taking into account discounts, subject to Elite offers in the CAD and cheap offers, which are characteristic of the outskirts of Moscow, and sleeping, not prestigious areas goroda. Srednevzveshennaya price per square meter, calculated without expensive CAD, in April 2011. Was – $ 5141 or 143 948r. In dollar prices over the last month rose by 6.0% and the ruble by 4.1%. Annual dynamics: the dollar prices fell by 3.5% in rubles by 6.9%. Over the past month, the average level of prices in rubles in most areas of the city fell. The maximum prices fell by 4.9% SEAD and SAD – by 4.7%. The maximum increase in prices recorded in the CAD by 3.6% and 1.1% SWAD and NEAD by 0.5%. During the year the maximum growth was observed in the SEAD (32.8%), and the maximum reduction recorded in the company – by 27.1%. Of April in Moscow fell only 2-bedroom apartments – 2.5%. Others have increased in price. Maximum growth was recorded at 1-room apartment + 24.2%. 3-room and multi-room apartments rose by 7.2% and 2.9% respectively. As the volume of supply, from the beginning of the year in the capital for new investment contracts were concluded almost as current projects are gradually being finished and hand over CC. As a result, in April, the market of the Moscow buildings were implemented 113 addresses for the year this amount was reduced by 71.5%. During 2011. Supply shortage sohranitsya.V depending on the administrative district of the greatest number of new buildings that are to implement, recorded in the Central District – 29.2% (long-term implementation of the objects of luxury housing), and a high proportion in the SWAD – 13.3%. Least of all new construction is concentrated in the SEAD – 2.7%. The number of apartments in new buildings for sale in April, 7986 amounted to pieces. During the month the number of apartments in the primary market increased by 0.9%. Over the year (April 2010) the volume of deals fell by 37.4%. Depending on the administrative district in April, the highest number of apartments were implemented in the CAD (32.1%). It is also a significant number of apartments were put up for sale in the SAD (24.0%) and CAO (19.8%). The smallest – in the SEAD (0.1%) and CJSC (2.1%). At the end of the month, depending on the type of apartments, the largest share was characteristic of 3-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments – 34.6%, and 25, 7%, respectively. The share of multi-room apartments – 22.9%, while the lowest one-bedroom -16.7%. Depending on the type of home, in the structure of supply of apartments in new apartment in Moscow was dominated by monolithic homes – 94.4%. The share of apartments in the brick buildings was 3.4% and panel – 2.2%. As commented Olga Markova, a marketer of “Relight Invest,” The March increase in consumer activity in April was replaced by a slight decline. The average daily level of demand for the month fell by 7.0%. In many ways, this reduction is due to the high prices of new buildings (on average 20% higher than in the secondary market). In addition, the slow pace of construction and housing construction, clear lack of new construction in the city leads to a redistribution of demand towards the secondary market.

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